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Our analysis of the Reform UK manifesto

Reform UK Manifesto 2024 

Reform UK has become the last significant UK-wide party to publish its manifesto. The party, whose electoral alliance with Traditional Unionist Voice in Northern Ireland has faced challenges since the assumption of leadership earlier this month by Nigel Farage, is framing its manifesto as a ‘contract’. The document is headed by tough pledges on government spending, which it would cut by 5% across the board, and illegal immigration, involving withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights and refusing to allow any illegal migrants to settle. 

Its headline pledges on rural affairs include raising the agricultural budget to £3 billion and a controversial plan to end the drive to net zero carbon emissions and associated subsidies for renewable energy. Most significantly, the manifesto does include a specific commitment on country pursuits: 

“Protect Country Sports

“These increase investment and help conservation of our environment. They boost rural jobs, communities and local economies.” 

Whether the realities of electoral arithmetic give the party any hope of winning more than one or two seats remains to be seen. Policies of rural interest include the following. 


Crime and Policing: Reform UK plans to increase police presence to 300 officers per 100,000 people. It proposes reducing police paperwork and using better technology, allowing Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) to transition to full officers before phasing out the role. 

Net Zero/Climate Change: The party aims to scrap Net Zero commitments and related subsidies, including a £10 billion annual renewable energy subsidy and environmental levies. It advocates for technological solutions to protect the environment, such as increased tree planting and recycling, without compromising economic stability. Reform UK supports fast-tracking nuclear energy through Small Modular Reactors and incentivising ethical UK lithium mining and other clean energy sources. 

Food and Farming: Reform UK intends to raise the Farming Budget to £3 billion, focusing on smaller farms, maintaining farmland, and encouraging young people to enter farming. It plans to eliminate climate-related farming subsidies, ensuring land is used for farming rather than solar farms or rewilding. The party proposes replacing current subsidies with direct payments and empowering the Competition and Markets Authority to ensure fair pricing. Additionally, it aims to support farm shops with zero business rates, target 70% of food consumed in the UK being produced here, and mandate that taxpayer-funded organizations source 75% of their food from the UK. Clear food labelling and boosting smaller food processors and abattoirs through tax incentives are also prioritised. 

Animal Welfare: The manifesto supports country sports, highlighting their role in conservation, rural job creation, and boosting local economies. 

Housing: Reform UK proposes cutting Stamp Duty to 0% for properties sold for less than £750 thousand, 2% for those between £750 thousand and £1.5 million, and 4% for higher amounts. It also plans to reform the planning system to fast-track housing on brownfield sites, particularly in coastal regions, Wales, the North, and the Midlands. 

Communities and Local Government: Key policies include lowering fuel duty by 20p per litre, scrapping VAT on energy bills, and abolishing the VAT tourist tax. The manifesto also proposes raising the minimum profit threshold for Corporation Tax to £100 thousand and reducing its rate progressively to 15%. 

Transport: The party aims to scrap HS2, ban ULEZ Clean Air Zones and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, and halt mandates on electric vehicles. It will focus on improving existing transport infrastructure, particularly in coastal regions, Wales, the North, and the Midlands, integrating services for better connectivity. 

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