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Our analysis of the Sinn Fein manifesto

Sinn Fein does not take its seats at Westminster, a longstanding policy. However, the party manifesto highlights the work of the Stormont Ministers and MPs directly engaging with UK Government officials.

Countryside Alliance Ireland members and supporters will be pleased to see the commitment to protecting our environment, addressing the challenges around Lough Neagh and improving the A5, the most treacherous road in Ireland that has been the scene of heartbreak for many rural families.
Policies of rural interest are as follows:

Border poll: The Manifesto calls for discussions about constitutional change and on the Irish Government to prepare for the future in a strategic, responsible way. It calls on both Governments to set a date for a referendum. Irish unity is central to the party’s vision of building what it sees as a modern, inclusive and fairer society.

All Ireland Services: The Manifesto talks about the opportunity to create an efficient all-Ireland national health service, a sustainable housing system, affordable childcare, and a fair and just transition to a carbon neutral economy.

Transfer of fiscal powers from Westminster to Stormont: The Manifesto commits to pressing the UK Government for the transfer of fiscal powers to the Executive, allowing it to protect existing services and deliver improved public services. That includes powers to introduce further progressive taxation and to raise the minimum wage.

Delivery of flagship projects: Projects committed to by the Executive include the Magee University expansion, building the A5 and A6 roads, and the redevelopment of Casement Park. Other projects that promote regional balance and the development of the all-island economy, such as Narrow Water Bridge and the Ulster Canal, are also being promoted.

Rights: The Manifesto pledges to stand up for workers, families and communities and be their voice where it counts. There can be no place for sectarianism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, age or disability discrimination in our society. The party is committed to an inclusive and diverse society based on equal rights and opportunities for all citizens.

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