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CAI welcomes the renewal of general licenses to control pest birds

General licences permit authorised persons to carry out actions that would otherwise be illegal. They cover certain types of activity relating to birds, such as preserving public health or air safety, and preventing the spread of disease. General licences cover situations that are regarded as relatively commonplace and where there is unlikely to be any great conservation impact.

For several years now farmers, landowners and managers have all been struggling with the uncertainty around general licenses to control pest birds that have continually been issued on a temporary basis normally only two months at a time.

While Countryside Alliance Ireland (CAI) still wants changes to be made, such as the inclusion of the carrion crow, we do welcome the fact that TPG1 and TPG2 have now been issued until the end of the year. We would hope that this will allow those who manage the countryside to plan ahead the year.

Going forward, CAI will be working with all stakeholders to ensure the general licenses are as before, issued for a 12 month period to give clarity and certainty for all those who manage pest birds.

All general licences are subject to certain conditions of use. If you plan to act under the authority of a general licence, you must:

  • be eligible to do so (see conditions of each licence)
  • comply with the terms of the relevant licence and therefore the law

These licences do not give any right of access or right to take action to otherwise unauthorised persons. You should read a copy of the relevant licence in addition to the information below before undertaking any action.

We would remind members that it is your responsibility to ensure you are controlling pest birds in line with the relevant license TPG1, TPG2 or TPG3 which can be found below. Individual licenses to control pest birds not included in the General Licenses can be applied for through the NIEA Wildlife Team. To do this, you will need to provide supporting evidence and applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

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