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Hunt saboteur convicted of common assault against a landowner

A hunt saboteur was convicted of common assault at Central Kent Magistrates Court on Wednesday 28th April.

Anthony Robinson, of no fixed abode, was found guilty of common assault against a landowner. The assault took place near Edenbridge in Kent on 5th November 2019 when a number of anti-hunting protestors, including members of the South Coast Hunt Saboteurs, were disrupting the trail hunting activities of the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt when the incident occurred.

"This case highlights the importance of hunts having to gather evidence to manage animal rights activism while conducting their trail hunting activities," explained Polly Portwin from the Countryside Alliance, who welcomed the news following the prosecution, which was brought forward by the CPS.

"Hunt supporters, who are involved in a lawful activity, are regularly subjected to totally unacceptable abusive behaviour and although it is disappointing that it is even necessary for hunts to have to gather their own evidence to ensure that the law is upheld, knowing that the CPS will prosecute when provided with the evidence will offer considerable reassurance."

Robinson was fined £180, with costs of £325 and a victim surcharge of £32.

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