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Labour attempt to ban trail hunting in North Northamptonshire heavily defeated

An attempt by the Labour Party to prohibit trail hunting on land owned by North Northamptonshire Council has been heavily defeated.

At a meeting held today (Wednesday 1st December) councillors voted against a motion which had been submitted by Labour's Cllr. Alison Dalziel.

The motion read " Until the Hunting Act 2004 is strengthened to include a recklessness clause, this Council resolves that it will not permit trail hunting, exempt hunting, or any form of hunt meets, on its land."

In total, 36 votes were cast against the motion, while 14 supported it. There was one abstention.

Prior to the vote, the Countryside Alliance had mobilised local supporters and contacted councillors outlining its opposition.

It was not clear what impact, if any, the motion would have had on local hunts had it of passed however action was taken to put forward the case for trail hunting.

Polly Portwin, Director of Hunting for the Countryside Alliance said: " Yet again, local Labour politicians propped up by animal rights groups, attempted to ban trail hunting on land not even used by hunts. It was clear political grandstanding and a total waste of time. Labour talk about wanting to reconnect with the countryside, yet they still pursue anti-rural policies.

"It is staggering that a local Labour councillor chose to use vital council time and resources debating a legal activity, especially when most reasonable people want their representatives focused on the pandemic. It is simply time-wasting at the expense of local people."

"We thank those local councillors who voted against this divisive motion today and to those supporters who took the time to contact their local councillors."

Cllr Scott Brown (Con), who represents Earls Barton on North Northamptonshire Council and spoke against the motion, said: "It's disappointing but not surprising that the local Labour group have decided to target rural people in this way, especially on an issue which the council has no influence over.

"Time in the council chamber should be dedicated to debating real issues of concern to local residents."

You can help protect the future of trail hunting on council-owned and managed land by taking action and signing our e-lobby, here.

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