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Scottish Countryside Alliance responds to RAINE Committee’s call for evidence

The Scottish Countryside Alliance's response to the RAINE Committee’s call for evidence on the Wildlife Management and Muirburn (Scotland) Bill was recently published on the Scottish Government website. To review all responses from individuals and stakeholder organisations, click here.

The Bill is currently at Stage 1 with evidence sessions due to start on Wednesday 31 May, featuring the Scottish Government Bill Team, followed by rural organisations, and finishing on Wednesday 28 June with evidence from the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Land Reform and Islands.

Director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, Jake Swindells said “It is heartening to see such a response to the call for evidence in relation to countryside management. Our hope is, as always, that the rural way of life is taken seriously, and that land management techniques are reviewed positively and improved upon where necessary.

“Unfortunately, many responses originate from members and supporters of those organisations who wish to see some practices banned altogether, and no real evidence is offered in such responses.

“The Scottish Countryside Alliance will continue to work with the Scottish Government and partner organisations, to ensure that any decisions that affect our rural communities, and the biodiverse landscape we have been entrusted to manage, are made based on evidence, rather than opinion”.  

The call for evidence for the Financial Memorandum closes on the 31 May.

To view the responses from the Scottish Countryside Alliance, click here and for the Financial Memorandum, click here.

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