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Sea Angling 2012

Sea Angling 2012 is a government-sponsored project to collect information on recreational sea angling in England. Its website tells us it aims to "provide the most comprehensive information yet collected on recreational sea angling activities, its catches, and its socio-economic value in England to allow the Government to make balanced and properly-informed decisions on management for sustainable development of all forms of sea fishing around our coasts."

The website continues: "The project will provide the new inshore fisheries and conservation authorities (IFCAs) with a project framework to help them develop policies on sea angling along their coasts in collaboration with stakeholders. The project will give sea anglers a voice by allowing them to inform policies for sustainable management of fisheries at local and national level. The results will help the UK meet its obligations to report on recreational catches of certain species as specified by the EU." We look forward to bringing you the results of this project in due course.

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