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Spring 2017 membership magazine now online

The Countryside Alliance's Spring 2017 magazine is now online. Below is the Editor's welcome letter outlining the content:

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2017 is something of a numbers game. Fresh from celebrating 350 years of the Cottesmore Hunt (p44) we now move on to the Gamekeepers' Welfare Trust's silver anniversary (p36) which will see a series of conferences around the country looking ahead to the future of gamekeeping. The Countryside Alliance celebrates 20 years this year, which is a good moment to reflect that many of the things we love can adapt and thrive in the modern world while still retaining core values (this is also showcased by the new Quorn Hunting Hat on p15).

The Countryside Alliance is certainly embracing this next phase of life, and pictured right you will see our new logo, the result of the work of top designer Steve Edge. You will be able to read more about the new family of logos created by Steve in our next issue as our individual projects roll out their fresh new identities.

Two such projects each enter their 11th year of operation this year. The inspiring Fishing 4 Schools programme (p23) is in buoyant form as its director Charles Jardine explains, and on p18 three of our expert volunteers explain why their skills work together at the heart of our Casting for Recovery programme, which uses fly fishing as therapy for ladies with breast cancer.
Elsewhere this Spring, we bring you a briefing on the Policing & Crime Act (p11), celebrate the Welsh Rural Oscars (26) and hear from North Yorkshire Chief Constable Dave Jones on bringing down rural crime (p34).

Enjoy this diverse and packed issue.

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Jill Grieve, Editor
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