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Jeremy Miles and Vaughan Gething respond to calls from the countryside

The Countryside Alliance wrote to both Jeremy Miles and Vaughan Gething asking them to set out their vision for the countryside as they bid to become the next First Minister for Wales. This was bolstered by our recent e-lobby whereby we asked you, the general public, to join us in asking them to set out their vision for rural Wales.

Over the last few years, there has been a growing disconnect between the Welsh Labour Party, the Welsh Government and rural communities, particularly with our farmers and others who manage our iconic Welsh countryside. Welsh Labour Government policy seems increasingly driven by ideological agendas, whether attacking shooting and wildlife management or threatening to impose access to inland water. There seems a total disregard of existing rights, evidence and the harm that these policies cause to rural communities, wildlife and biodiversity.

The Countryside Alliance framed three important questions which were:

  • How do you plan to stimulate economic growth in rural areas, ensuring sustainable livelihoods, and addressing challenges unique to the countryside such as bovine TB?

  • How will you ensure that farmers and other land managers can feed the nation while promoting sustainable practices that support the environment and mitigate climate change?

  • How will you support and strengthen rural communities, addressing social disparities, improving access to services, such as access to financial services, and promoting overall well-being for those living and working in the countryside?

We gave both candidates every opportunity to respond to our ask, and I am pleased to share with you the vision of both Jeremy Miles and Vaughan Gething.

The countryside is our greatest asset and we must work together to sustain it, and I believe the next First Minister of Wales should firmly set the direction for the Welsh Labour Party to have a proper understanding of, and respect for, those who live and work there and their way of life.


Read the full letter from Jeremy Miles

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Read the full letter from Vaughan Gething

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