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Wales: NRW takes political decision to end trail hunting on their land, after banning game shooting

The board of National Resources Wales (NRW) has today announced that it will no longer permit trail hunting on the land it manages following a decision not to renew their agreement with the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA).

This move has been condemned by the Countryside Alliance who were present at the meeting where the outcome of an internal review of trail hunting was announced.

"We are concerned that the decision taken by NRW today is a purely political one, fuelled by the Welsh Labour Government's ongoing attack on the rural way of life," explained Rachel Evans, the Countryside Alliance's Director for Wales.

"This decision comes after a similar ban was implemented on game shooting, an activity which is incredibly important to the Welsh rural economy. It is indeed disappointing, but not wholly surprising that, NRW have again channelled the political wishes of the Labour government in Cardiff."

Although disappointing, this decision is not going to have an impact on a huge number of packs, however, the Countryside Alliance will continue to campaign for hounds to be permitted access to NRW land again in the future.

NRW confirmed that they are not aware of any packs that have applied for a trail hunting licence this year, with just a couple of packs applying for a licence in 2020.

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