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What to do if you are being abused online

Not sure what to do if you're being abused online? Here are some tips:

  1. Don't respond to and don't forward any abusive messages.
  2. Take screen shots of the online abuse so that you have proof this is happening.
  3. Report all abuse to the relevant social media networks by clicking on the "report abuse" button.
  4. Block the person who is bullying.
  5. Report the online abuse to the police if there are threats of violence or harassment. If the bullying or harassment is targeted at you because of your disability, gender identity, race, religion or sexual orientation, this type of incident is a 'hate incident' or 'hate crime'. To report online abuse you must report it by phoning 101 and ask to speak to a police officer. For the police to take any action you must be prepared to give evidence. The police will take your details and if it meets the threshold they will investigate.

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