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Countryside Alliance launch 'I'm rural and I vote' twibbon campaign

Rural campaigning group, the Countryside Alliance has launched it's own twibbon banner for supporters to use on their social media profiles.

The 'I'm rural and I vote' twibbon, enables users to spread the message that the rural community must not be taken for granted.

A twibbon is an image that can be overlaid on a social media profile picture or avatar in order to show support for a cause. The word is a combination of 'Twittter' and 'ribbon'. It enables support of any particular campaign by overlaying a Twibbon onto your Facebook or Twitter profile picture.

This election, the Countryside Alliance is pushing its Rural Charter which highlights several key issues that truly matter to those who live and work in the countryside. These include the key themes:

  • Make Brexit work for the countryside
  • Buy British by supporting our farmers and producers
  • Recognise the importance of wildlife management and the value of hunting, shooting and fishing
  • Connect the countryside by delivering first class digital infrastructure
  • Tackle crime in rural areas

Sarah Lee, Head of Policy at the Countryside Alliance said: "Twibbons are just another way to spread a message at election time. In this case, we are highlighting that rural voters up and down the country matter. Political parties would do well to tackle the vast number of issues facing the countryside. These include fixing poor broadband in rural areas; addressing the lack of affordable housing; better rural transport links, as well as defending and promoting the post office and our hard-working rural businesses. We call on candidates from all parties to recognise the importance of wildlife management and the value of hunting, shooting and fishing."

You can add the campaign twibbon to your profiles here.

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