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Hunt saboteurs guilty of disrupting legal activity in Scotland

At Dundee Sheriff Court yesterday (16th May), well known hunt saboteur Kevin Newell and his girlfriend Florence Blackbourn were found guilty of aggravated trespass. On 10th December 2016 the pair claimed they were out monitoring a pack of foxhounds to ensure that the hunt was not breaking the law. Once the hounds had packed up they claimed to have wandered onto a neighbouring estate where a driven pheasant shoot was taking place but they had no intention of disrupting the shoot. They claim that they were just walking through the drives looking for dead foxes that the hunt might have left behind (even though hounds didn't enter this estate all day).

The Sheriff didn't believe their story and was more than happy that he had seen enough evidence that they were there to disrupt a legal activity.

Newell, 34, and his partner Blackbourn, 20, were given a very stern talking to by the Sheriff who decided to give them what he classed "a second chance" as Blackbourn is so young and is a student at Aberdeen University on a bursary a conviction on record could have devastating consequences for such a young girl. Newell however was told that as a grown man with previous convictions that he should know better. Newell stated his occupation as "wildlife expert" earning around £40 a week.

The Sheriff has asked that they both return to court in six months' time and behave appropriately in the time in-between.

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