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Shooting Seasons

The majority of game can only be shot during specific times of the years to allow them to breed and successfully migrate to their wintering grounds. A basic guide to the shooting seasons is given below.

1st October - 1st February

Partridge - Grey & Red-legged
1st September - 1st February

Red Grouse
12th August - 10th December

Duck and Goose
1st September - 31st January (Inland)
1st September - 20th February (Below High Water Mark)

Common Snipe
12th August - 31st January

1st October - 31st January


Brown Hare

1st January - 31st December (England & Wales)
1st October - 31st January (Scotland)
12th August - 31st January (Northern Ireland)

Wild Rabbit

They have no closed season due to being considered a pest.


Roe Deer

Bucks: 1 st Apr-31 st Oct (England and Wales)

1 st April – 20 th Oct (Scotland)

Does: 1 st Nov-31 st March (England and Wales)

21 st Oct-31 st March (Scotland)

Fallow Deer

Bucks: 1 st Aug-30 th April

Does: 1 st Nov-31 st March (England, Wales and N Ireland)

21 stOct-15 th Feb (Scotland)

Red Deer Stags 1 st Aug-30 th Apr (England, Wales and N Ireland)1 st July -20 th Oct (Scotland) Hinds: 1 st Nov-31 st March (England, Wales and N Ireland)21 st Oct-15 th Feb (Scotland)

S ika Deer

Stags: 1 st Aug-30 thApr (England, Wales, N. Ireland)

1 st Jul - 20 th Oct (Scotland)

Hinds: 1 st Nov-31 st March (England, Wales and N Ireland)

21 st Oct-15 th Feb (Scotland)

Muntjac Deer

They have no closed season becuase they have the ability of breeding all year around, so a closed season to make sure they breed successfully is worthless.

Chinese Water Deer

Bucks & Does - 1st Novermber - 31st MarchNote this is the only deer species were both sexes have the same closed season. This is because the sexes can not be easily told apart. Therefore the female can breed successfully without being mistaken for a male and being shot.

For a colourful and instructive chart of all the seasons and when is best to source the meat please click here.

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