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What is Game-to-Eat about?

Game-to-Eat is the campaign dedicated to increasing the eating and enjoyment of British wild game. The campaign was founded in the year 2000 and since then game has grown tremendously in popularity as more and more people become fans of this delicious wild meat. The campaign reaches out to butchers, chefs, journalists' in print, radio and tv media and of course to members of the public.

All year round, pigeon, rabbit and certain varieties of venison can be found in the butchers, supermarkets and on the menu of restaurants. However it is during the open season when game comes alive with copious amounts of pheasant, partridge and grouse becoming available. This website is designed to help you make the most of game.

As well as the delicious recipes and information on this website, you will find game featured in most magazines and cookery books these days as top chefs and food writers regularly champion this local, healthy and versatile meat.

However, it is important that the campaign continues to sustain the demand, and encourage even more people to try and enjoy this delicious and nutritious food. So please enjoy our website and spread the word about this fantastic produce of the British countryside.

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