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Lobby your MP on the Hunting Act

The Countryside Alliance has launched a new e-lobby as part of its campaign for repeal of the Hunting Act 2004. Take part here and share widely. Members and supporters are encouraged to take part in the e-lobby, reminding Conservative MPs that a vote on repeal was a manifesto commitment while urging MPs of other parties to support repeal of this failed Act. The e-lobby can be found here.

The e-lobby reads: "This may seem a minor issue besides others the Government faces, but for many of us it is a fundamental issue of personal freedom.

"There was never any justification for the ban in the first place and it was little more than a misplaced attack on the rural community. It has done nothing for wild mammals or their welfare and even Tony Blair has admitted it was one of his biggest mistakes.

"There are many who are willing to voice their views on hunting from a position of total ignorance, but there is also a quiet army of us who know that the ban is wrong. We have a real commitment and understanding of hunting and the countryside rather than a passing interest in spreading prejudice on the internet. In 2002 over 400,000 of us came from all over Britain to march on Westminster in opposition to the ban and there has been no drop in support since.

"Please could you confirm that you will support any move to repeal the Hunting Act."

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