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United Utilities decision would destroy jobs, communities and wildlife

The decision by United Utilities not to renew shooting leases on its landholdings would destroy jobs, communities and wildlife without achieving anything positive. United Utilities has been urged to reconsider its decision, and in reviewing licences going forward recognise the considerable benefits that game shooting contributes to communities, the economy and the environment.

Company policy and decisions should be based on the evidence, which is overwhelmingly in favour of the continuance of shooting and its associated management; not on other spurious . Over 6,800 people have so far used our e-lobby to contact the Company, and we have written to MPs in those constituencies that would be affected, as well as to Defra Secretary of State. Whilst it is not for the Government to instruct private companies how to operate, the cessation of the important conservation efforts on shoots could threaten long-term environmental goals, undermining the delivery of the Government’s environmental objectives, and it should be aware of this.

We have yet to receive a reply to the letter we sent the CEO of United Utilities on 2 August.

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