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Calls for reasonable air weapons fees "have fallen on deaf ears"

Calls for a reasonable and logical fees system to the new air weapons licensing system have fallen on deaf ears as the Scottish Government has this week released the publication of the Air Weapons Licensing (Scotland) Regulations 2016. The Regulations, that are due to come into force on July 1st, are a mockery to those that use air weapons making them complicated and just as expensive as owning a shotgun or firearm license.

Scottish Countryside Alliance Director Jamie Stewart said: 'Despite an overwhelming opposition to this needless legislation the Scottish Government are moving forward with their draconian policy of licensing Air Weapons. Neither these regulations and the charging of fees to legal air weapon holders, nor the current 'scare-mongering' amnesty, will have any effect on those that wish to use air weapons illegally. Sadly after making this point on numerous occasions to the Scottish Government they have refused to listen.'

"This added bureaucracy will add countless hours of work for the already overburdened Scottish Police Forces, whilst efforts to catch the real criminals are neglected."

"Reluctantly but responsibly we have agreed to forward the relevant information within this campaign which sets out to make people who own or use an air weapon aware that from 1 July 2016 you can apply for an air weapon certificate by downloading an application form from and sending it to Police Scotland. Members will have to make themselves aware of the new law – please contact me if you have any questions."


Feel free to contact Scottish Director Jamie Stewart with any further questions [email protected].

Notes to Editor:

Air Weapons Licensing (Scotland) Regulations 2016.

Fees section - notes on fees are below:

Fee notes:
- Main AWC (air weapon certificate) fee is £72 for 5-year certificate
- Shorter certificates may be issued to smooth out peak flow demand. This will be on a pro-rata cost basis.
- Applicants under 18 will have lower certificate fees relative to the number of years under 18, at which point they will have to apply for a full AWC i.e. someone 17 years old pays less than someone 15 years old.
- Applicants who have FAC or SGC can apply for an AWC that expires at the same time as their other certificate(s).
- The AWC fee for FAC and SGC holders will be £5.
- The visitor permit cost is £20 for an individual and £100 for 5 to 20 persons - this is ludicrous and will harm airgun sports tourism, including matches and competitions.

Other points:-
- The full Act comes into force on 1 January 2017.
- Applications for AWCs will start from 1 July this year, though AWCs will not take effect until 1 January 2017.
- Existing SGC or FAC holders are covered to possess and use (not buy) airguns until their next renewal.
- Airgunners who are not FAC/SGC holders have until 1 November this year to apply for an AWC*

[*It is not an offence for a person on or after 31st December 2016 to possess (but not to use, purchase or acquire) an air weapon without holding an air weapon certificate if the person has, before 1st November 2016, made an application for the grant of an air weapon certificate and the application has not yet been determined. This does not apply to FAC/SGC holders who are automatically covered to possess and use airguns until their next renewal date.]

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