by Countryside Alliance

Cutting down on the use of single use plastics is a key issue for the Countryside Alliance.

In our new video we have partnered with Beretta to show how cutting edge and fully biodegradable Eco-Wads from Eley Hawk can be used in Wildfowling.

Eley Hawk is the first UK manufacturer to launch a fully biodegradable and dissolvable wad for steel cartridges that will leave no trace in the environment. 

The wad is made of Hydrosoluble ingredients that dissolve within 24 hours in water ( less if the water is moving). It leaves behind no plastic residues and breaks down into biomass and with its trace minerals will actually have a positive composting effect on the soil it breaks down into.

The new hydrosoluble wad is 100% biodegradable and all its additives are of vegetable biomass origin, making it compliant with international standards. Not only does the wad not harm the environment, but it turns into compost (CO2, mineral salts and biomass), actively adding positive nutrients into the soil. To find out more visit the Eley Hawk website.


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