by Countryside Alliance

Although the majority of the population has been in lockdown for the past few weeks - with another few weeks ahead of us - there is still plenty going on in and around hunt kennels where the priority for hunt staff is maintaining their high standards of animal welfare. 

Daniel Cherriman, huntsman of the Pytchley with Woodland Hunt, gives us an insight into life at their kennels throughout this period. 

Polly Portwin, Head of Hunting at the Countryside Alliance said: "These are difficult times for everybody but for those of us who hunt, and who are looking forward to following hounds again when the time comes, we are incredibly grateful to the members of hunt staff, like Daniel and his team, who continue to work hard looking after hounds in kennels and assisting the farmers with their fallen stock."

"The Alliance would like to thank the Masters and the hunt staff at the Pytchley with Woodland Hunt for giving us the opportunity to enjoy this 'virtual' visit to their kennels and we hope everybody enjoys it as much as we have."


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