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The Countryside Alliance Awards are back!

The Countryside Alliance Awards celebrate rural businesses that go the extra mile, support their local economy and are the unsung heroes in every community.

You can nominate your favourite local business now by clicking here.

Why nominate?

It's down to the general public to nominate their favourite rural businesses and put them forward to be considered for a prestigious Countryside Alliance Award. 

The applicants are judged on a range of criteria including their passion and commitment, sense of community, championing local food and the energy and diversity of their business. 

The National winners will be announced 17th May 2023.

Being nominated for the Countryside Alliance Awards can have a real impact on rural businesses. Most importantly, those businesses which go on to become finalists or champions will receive regional and national recognition, strengthening the reputation of their brand.  

Nominating in the Countryside Alliance Awards is a chance to celebrate the huge impact rural businesses have on communities and help them build for even more success in the future. 


Last year's winners

Liz Truss, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

“I want more of our businesses to be Rural Oscar winners as it’s these types of businesses - the village shop that keeps its local Post Office services going or the pub that promotes local produce and puts on events for elderly residents - that underpin the rural economy and way of life.”

15 years of investing in rural businesses

Our Award Categories

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