by Sam Carlisle

The DEFRA consultation on trophy hunting closes on January 25th and the Countryside Alliance has submitted a response. The consultation debates four possible options:

  1. A ban on the import or export of hunting trophies from certain species.
  2. Stricter requirements to show the conservation and community value of the hunt in question before the trophy can be imported or exported.
  3. A blanket ban on all import or export of hunting trophies.
  4. No change - continue to apply the current rules and legislation.

Our response has argued strongly for option 4. We believe that the current rules, as internationally agreed through CITES, work well. In addition, we have argued strongly against option 3, which would have a devastating effect on many of our rural communities that depend on visiting deer stalkers to make a vital contribution to their economy. Option 3 would also severely hamper the control of our national deer herd, at a time when tree planting and forestry regeneration are part of the Government's environmental policy.

The full text of our response can be read here.

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